Fusion 360 Tutorial – Reverse Engineering IKEA Mirror – Part 4

This is Part 4 of the IKEA Mirror tutorial.

Now that the basic shapes have been constructed, the next step is to add some textures and improve how the design looks.

Wait, that doesn’t look right…

This step is not just for show; using realistic colours and textures in a design makes it easier to understand, and easier to share.


  1. Bring up the Appearances tool by pressing A.
    In the ‘Library’ section, the ‘Fusion 360 Appearances’ tab has hundreds of existing materials in cateogories. Some are available already, for others you will just need to click the ‘Download’ icon next to it and wait a few moments.
    Tip: If anything goes wrong, just undo.
  2. The frame is obviously made of wood, so let’s have a look inside the ‘Wood’ category. To apply a material to a body, just drag and drop the material over until the body is highlighted, then let go.
    Oak? No, too dark. Pine? No, the knots don’t look right. Bamboo!

    Now you can see why the Frame component was made from two separate bodies. If a design is made from different materials, it is easier to keep each material as a separate body.
  3. You can also search for materials by name.
    For the mirror component, type ‘mirror’ into the search bar.
    The chrome material will work like a mirror, so just drag and drop it onto the mirror body.

    When you are happy with the appearances, click Close.
  4. The bamboo frame looks good, but the grain is going in the wrong direction.
    Right-click (or two-finger-click) on the frame and select Texture Map Controls. (This tool gives us fine control over how the material is “wrapped” around the object.)
    Change ‘Projection Type’ to ‘Planar’, then click on the vertical axis that appears.
    The wood grain should now wrap nicely around the frame like the real mirror.
    Click Ok, then repeat these steps for the handle.Looking good! But not complete as a design yet.
    What happens if you drag a component?

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