Learn Fusion 360: Lamp Tutorial

This tutorial was originally published by Autodesk Academy, it has been republished and reformatted here for easier viewing.

Learn Fusion 360 in under an hour.
This short class includes everything you need, whether you are new to CAD or have used CAD software already.
We’ll introduce you to valuable tools that can be used to learn and teach Autodesk Fusion 360 essentials, with a scaffolded learning experience to develop and apply your skills to a real world design challenge inspired by the Louis Kalff “Krähenfuss” table lamp.

Watch and work along with the following video lessons.
If you wish, you can also download the step-by-step PDF Guide

Lesson 1: User Interface

This lesson walks you through the the key areas of the Fusion 360 user interface. You explore the Fusion user interface and get hands-on practice using core features to create a box.

Lesson 2: Sketching

Sketches are the starting point for most designs. In this lesson, you learn how to start a new design and import a sketch profile of the lampshade into Fusion 360 to quickly start your design process.

Download the lampshade profile here

Lesson 3: Revolve and Appearance

Working with the imported sketch from the previous lesson, you easily create a solid model of the lamp shade in Fusion 360, creating a solid model and modifying the material and color.

Lesson 4: Sweep and Threads

Using the Sweep command, you create a solid model of the lamp arm, adding a thread to the end of the arm and modifying the material and appearance of the arm.

Lesson 5: Sculpting

Fusion 360 supports freeform modeling using T-Spines. You apply push pull modeling techniques to form the sculpted model of the lamp base.

Lesson 6: Assembly and Joints

Using a top down (multi-body) design approach, you create and assemble lamp components, focusing on assembly joints.

Lesson 7: Drawings

Technical drawings are essential to visually communicating how a design functions or is to be constructed. In this lesson, you learn how to create a new drawing, create orthographic and isometric views of the lamp and add dimensions and text.

Lesson 8: Rendering

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Photo real 3D renders allow you to speed concept approvals, identify problems, and sell your design idea. Using the Fusion 360 Render workspace, you learn how to create a photorealistic render of your lamp using cloud rendering.

Lesson 9: Export for 3D Printing

Exporting your design for fabrication is simple. This lesson will walk you through the export options in Fusion and how to export the lamp stand in the STL format.

Lesson 10: Sharing

Built-in cloud based collaboration allows for immediate sharing of design files for review, comment and co-authoring. This lesson guides you through how to use Autodesk A360, share your drawing, and invite people to review your drawing.

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