Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #1: Importing Electronic Components

Here is the beginning of your Selfie Ring Light design journey.
Each tutorial in the series will cover one part of the journey.
When you have completed every tutorial in the series, you will have learned everything needed to design your own Selfie Ring Light.

In your project box are each of the Selfie Ring Light’s electronic components.

In this tutorial, we provide digital designs of those components; the LED ring, the Battery Box, the Digispark and the tactile switch.
You will have accurate, complete models to use in your own designs.

  1. Hooray!
  2. How do I get them into Fusion?

Fusion 360 stores all your designs in the cloud.
In this tutorial, you will download the files from this page, open Fusion 360 and upload them, and organise them into a Selfie Ring Light folder.

Step 1: Download and save the .f3d files

Note: Do not double-click on them after they’re downloaded!
The Selfie Ring Light has four key electronic components, download each of them to your computer here:
LED Ring 24 SK6812 RGBW (92.25 mm dia)
3x AAA battery holder and switch (37 x 63 mm)
Digispark (18 x 24.5 mm)
Switch Tact Med 5.9 Red (6 x 6 mm)

Step 2: Open the Fusion 360 Data Panel

You didn’t double-click on the files did you…?
Good. (if you did, stop. Close any extra Fusion 360 windows. Start with a blank slate)

  1. Open the Fusion 360 application.
  2. Do you see the Data Panel on the left? If not, click on the  toggle icon to show it.

Step 3: Upload Components

  1. Click on the blue ‘Upload‘ button.
  2. Drag each of the four files into the Upload dialog, (or click on ‘Select Files’ and choose them)
  3. Click on the ‘Upload‘ button in the dialog.

When the components have finished uploading, you should see each of them in the Data Panel:
(it can take a little while for the thumbnails to appear)

Step 4: Organising!

  1. We should organise the Data Panel a little bit better.
    Click on the ‘New Folder‘ button and create a new folder called Selfie Ring Light.
    Double-click on this folder to open it, then create a folder inside called components.
    (This pattern is a neat way to keep your designs organised)
  2. Go back to the components you uploaded,
    (Click on ‘master’)
    and move all four of them into the Selfie Ring Light > components folder.
    (Right click or two-finger-click on each component and select ‘Move’, then select the destination folder and click ‘Move’)

  3. Navigate into the Selfie Ring Light > components folder, and you should see all the designs there:


The Selfie Ring Light components are now all safely in your Fusion 360 account, ready to be used in designs!

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