Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #4: Front Cover

Step 10: Finishing Up

The Front Cover is complete for now, let’s go back to the top level.
(Click on the circle icon next to the top ‘SRL mk1’ component in the Browser)

  1. Show all those Electrical components we hid earlier. (With the  icon)
  2. Make sure the Origin is hidden.
  3. Let’s give the Front Cover the right material:
    1. Press a to open the Appearance dialog.
    2. Search for ‘White Plastic‘ in the Library, and find ‘Plastic – Translucent Glossy (White)’
    3. Drag the material over the Front Cover and let go to apply it.
    4. Click Close. (or press Esc)

Looks good!

SAVE your design.

Conclusion / Exploration:

If you completed all the SRL tutorials up to this point,
(and at least some of the other Fusion 360 tutorials)
You should be getting pretty comfortable using Fusion 360.

Next week we tackle the Back Cover – much more interesting!

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