Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #4: Front Cover

Step 2: Back to the Layout Sketch

So far, the Layout Sketch we drew has the Electronic Components in it.
There’s another important thing to add – the outline of the Selfie Ring Light itself!

  1. Find the Layout Sketch in the Browser tree on the left.
  2. Right-click on it and select ‘Edit Sketch’.
  3. The lines we drew last time look quite heavy, let’s turn them all into dashed Construction lines…
    (We don’t extrude or make features directly from a Layout Sketch, so no need for profiles)

    1. Drag out a big selection rectangle and select the whole sketch.
      (Something weird happened instead of a rectangle? Go the Toolbar’s ‘Select’ menu on the far right and change back to ‘Window Selection’)
    2. Once selected, click on the Construction icon () in the Sketch Palette (or press x) to convert them.
  4. Now we’ll draw the rough outline of the Selfie Ring Light.
    Draw a circle from the origin that is larger than the LED ring outline,
    Draw a circle from the origin that is smaller than the LED ring outline,
    Draw a horizontal line across from one side of the larger circle to the other.
    (Ensure that the line has a horizontal  constraint, and is joined to both sides of the circle)
  5. Give them dimensions: (Press d for the Dimension tool)
    Click on the larger circle, click to place the dimension, type in the diameter; 99 mm.
    Click on the smaller circle, click to place the dimension, type in the diameter; 70 mm.
    Click on the Sketch origin, click on the line, click to place the dimension, type in the distance; 12 mm.
  6. When satisfied, click on Stop Sketch to get out of the layout.
    (You could make those new lines into Construction Lines as well, if you wish)

Now that the Layout Sketch has these lines, we can reference them from anywhere else in our design.


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