Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #4: Front Cover

Step 4: Front Cover Profile Sketch

Now that we have the Front Cover component, it’s time to do some work inside it.
We’ll draw a sketch, and project some details into it from other components.

  1. Ensure the Front Cover component is activated.
    (Click on the circle next to the component’s name in the Browser)
  2. Create a new sketch on the same plane as the Layout Sketch.
    (Click on ‘Create Sketch’, click on the front plane)
  3. Check: Did the new sketch appear inside the Front Cover component?
    (If not, undo and try again)
  4. Click twice on the sketch, and rename it ‘Profile‘.


  5. The electronic components are in the way right now.
    Let’s hide them – click on the  icon next to each one.
  6. Now we project the outlines from the Layout Sketch into the Front Cover‘s sketch.

    Project (verb) – proJECT: To capture some geometry already existing in your design, and draw it inside the current sketch.
    Projected lines/points/curves get their size and location from the original geometry, so they do not have dimensions.
    (They appear purple initially. They can be converted into construction lines if needed)

      1. Select the Project tool. (at Sketch > Project/Include > Project in the Toolbar, or just press p)
      2. Click on the three lines we created earlier:
        The large circle, the small circle, the horizontal line.
        (Notice that as each is clicked, a purple line appears over the top)
      3. Click on ‘OK’ to close the tool.
      4. We can hide the Layout sketch (By clicking on the  icon) to see our handiwork.
  7. Now we project the edges of the LED ring into the sketch.
    (So that we can make a cutout to fit the LED ring)

    1. Show the LED Ring component. (By clicking on the  icon)
    2. Select the Project tool again. (Press p)
    3. Click on the outside, then the inside edges of the LED ring,
      (Purple lines will appear again)
    4. Click on OK.
    5. Hide the LED Ring component again.

    Almost there…

  8. Those LED ring lines are the exact same size as the LED ring itself.
    3D Printing is not perfect. If we made the hole the “exact size”, the LED ring would not fit!
    We need to offset the lines to make the cutout a little bit bigger.

    1. Press o to select the ‘Offset‘ tool.
    2. Click on the larger of the LED ring circles,
    3. In the text field, enter a distance of 0.4 mm (Or -0.4 mm) to make the offset circle larger than the original.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Repeat the Offset for the smaller LED ring circle, the offset circle should be smaller than the original.
  9. The original LED ring circles can now be converted to construction lines.
    (Click on each, then click on the  Construction icon.)
  10. Verify your sketch looks like this, then click on Exit Sketch.

Made it this far?
Good work!


  • I can't find those lines to project them!
    Double-check that the Layout sketch is visible. (the lightbulb should be lit)
  • There's a line in the middle of the body!

    This can happens if one of the lines in step 9 above was not converted to a ‘construction’ line.
    Right-click on the sketch, select ‘Edit Sketch’ and ensure that your sketch looks like the one above.
  • My sketch doesn't look like that - One of the LED ring circles is purple!
    Showing the LED ring and zooming in, you can see; the offset was in the wrong direction, and the wrong line was made dashed.
    The easiest way to fix this is to delete those lines, and go back to step 8.


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