Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #4: Front Cover

Step 5: Extrude Cover Body

Now the Sketch will be turned into a body.
Instead of extruding a fixed distance, we’ll extrude relative to existing geometry.
(We extrude the shape far enough to cover the LED Ring without needing to know its thickness)

  1. Check again that the Front Cover component is active.
    (Yes, check again. It is a good habit)
  2. Select the Extrude tool, (press e)
  3. Click on and highlight every profile in the sketch except for the slice under the line.
  4. In the tool dialog, change ‘Extent‘ to To Object.
  5. Show the LED Ring component, (By clicking on its  icon)
    and zoom in far enough to see the fine details.
  6. Hover over one of the LED Ring LED corners until a dot appears,
    Click on it to mark the extrude distance.
  7. The cover needs to be a little bit deeper than the ring,
    In the tool dialog, set ‘Offset‘ to -0.4 mm.
    (If it doesn’t cover the LEDs, try making the offset positive 0.4mm)
  8. Click OK – first feature done!


  • The LEDs are sticking through the front of the cover!

    When using Extrude To and Offset, it’s possible that the +/- sign of the offset distance might need be reversed.
    Go back and Edit the Extrude feature (Find it in the timeline, right-click, ‘Edit Feature’) and change the sign of the Offset distance.
  • The LED ring moved, and now it looks strange!

    The joint for the LED ring might not be created properly.
    Check your timeline – do you have all four joints? Are there any things coloured yellow?
    If there aren’t four joints; roll back the timeline to before the new component, go back to tutorial #3 and see if you can figure out which ones are missing.
    If the joints are yellow, right-click on them and select ‘Edit Joint‘, and try clearing the components and re-defining them.

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