Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #4: Front Cover

Step 6: LED Ring Cutout

Now we make a cutout for the LED Ring with an Extrude – Cut operation.

  1. Check again that the Front Cover component is active.
    (Yes, check again. It is a good habit)
  2. Show the Profile sketch.
    (It was hidden automatically after the previous step. Just click on the  icon)
  3. Select the Extrude tool, (press e)
  4. Select the two LED Ring cutout’s profiles – one above and below the horizontal line.
    They are difficult to select when there are other bodies and components in the way:
    LONG-press on the area where the profile is, then select Profile from the list.
    Repeat for the second profile.
  5. In the tool dialog, change ‘Extent‘ to To Object.
  6. Click on the face of the cover body.
  7. The hole should not cut all the way through.
    In the tool dialog, set ‘Offset‘ to -0.2 mm.
    (If it doesn’t go past try changing the sign, eg from negative to positive)
  8. Check that we’re cutting.
    In the tool dialog, ‘Operation’ should be Cut.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Hide the Profile sketch.

It’s very basic, but it would (kinda) work!


  • The cut went all the way through!
    The Extent extrude option might be set incorrectly, or the Offset extrude option might have the wrong sign.
    Find the Extrude feature in the timeline, right-click on it and select Edit Feature.

    • If ‘Extent’ doesn’t say ‘To Object’, follow the steps above from #5 onwards.
    • Try changing the sign of the Offset option from positive to negative or vice versa.
  • Only part of the ring was cut! (Or some other part of the ring was cut!)

    Not all the right profiles were selected.
    Find the Extrude feature in the timeline, right-click on it and select Edit Feature.

    • Find the Profile option, it might say ‘1 selected’ or some other number.
      Click on the x to clear the profile list.
    • Hide the Body1 in the Browser tree to make it easier to work.
      (Expand the Front Cover and the Bodies items, click on the  icon next to Body1)
    • Select the two profiles that make the ring cutout section.
    • Show the Body1 in the Browser tree again, then click OK.

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