Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #4: Front Cover

Step 7: Inspection – Section Views

The LED Ring is all covered up.
How do we know that we did the last two steps properly?
We can’t see!
Thankfully Fusion 360 can show us a Cross Section view; as though the design was cut in half.

  1. Select the Section Analysis tool from Inspect > Section Analysis in the Toolbar.
  2. The tool needs us to nominate a face or plane.
    Show the Origin and its planes (Click on the  icon next to ‘Origin’ in the Browser)
  3. Select the right plane.
    (You may need to pivot the View Cube around to see it clearly)
  4. Click ‘OK’ to create the Section View.
  5. Hide the Origin again.

The Section View has been created in the Browser, inside the ‘Analysis’ entry in the Browser.
To show the whole model again, we “hide” Section1.
(Yes, that does seem a bit backwards!)

Now let’s have a closer look inside the Front Cover while it’s sectioned;

  1. Click on the RIGHT View
  2. Zoom into the LED Ring cutout
  3. Does it seem as though the LED Ring will fit correctly?


  • My section view doesn't look like that!
    Did you get something looking more like this?

    It could be that the LED ring was accidentally jointed on the front edge instead of the rear.

    1. Find the LED ring’s joint in the timeline, right-click on it and select Edit Joint.
      (It could also be that you’re missing the LED Ring Joint. If you cannot find it, go back to tutorial #3 and check)
    2. Click on the x next to Component1,
    3. Hover the mouse over the rear edge of the LED ring until the Joint Origin appears, then click.
    4. You might need to click on Flip to fix the orientation.
    5. Click OK, and the Front Cover should now look correct.


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