Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #4: Front Cover

PITSTOP|TOP TIPS: Changing Feature Selections

Tools like Extrude are very forgiving – they make it easy to keep adding/removing Profiles, even after the Distance has been set.

In others tools (like Fillet) it seems tougher;
That once you select some edges and set the Radius, it no longer lets you change the edge selection.

(Aww, nothing happens?)

Not True!
With tools like these, you hold down Ctrl: (or )

  1. Hold the key down,
  2. The preview of the Feature disappears.
  3. Add or remove geometry from the Tool selection
    (Click on geometry to toggle selection on/off for each)
  4. Let go of the key.
  5. The preview can be seen again.
  6. Continue to Create/Edit the feature as usual.

Hooray! Coincidentally, here’s the next step.

Step 9: Front Face Improvements

Those sharp edges on the front are not very ergonomic.
In this step, we’ll Fillet them to smooth everything out.
(The back face of the Front Cover needs to connect smoothly to the Back Cover, so leave it alone)

  1. Check again that the Front Cover component is active.
    (Yes, check again. It is a good habit. These messages become repetitive you know… hooray for copy paste)
  2. Open the Fillet tool from Modify > Fillet in the Toolbar, or press f.
  3. Select the front outer edge of the Front Cover.
  4. Drag the arrow or type in a value to set the radius, let’s say 2 mm.
  5. Click OK to create the fillet.

It looks good, but the inside could be rounded too.


Don’t start a new fillet – we will add those curves to the existing one:

  1. Find the Fillet  operation in the timeline.
  2. Right-click (or two finger click) on it and select Edit Feature.
  3. As we learned in the PITSTOP above,
    1. Hold down Ctrl (or ),
    2. Select the front inside edges too.
      (The dialog should say )
    3. Let go of the key to see the result.
  4. Looks better, but those inside corners are a bit sharp.
    Zoom in and repeat what you did in #3 to select the inside corners too.
  5. Happy? It sure looks that way…
  6. Click OK to make the edit permanent.

Looking good! 


  • I click on the extra edges, but they didn't fillet!
  • 1. Are you inside the Fillet tool? Do you see the ‘Edit Fillet‘ dialog?
  • 2. Are you holding down Ctrl or while clicking?