Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #5: Back Cover

Step 2: Create a New Component – Back Cover

Now it’s time to create the Back Cover component.
Like the Front Cover, the Back Cover has some important functionality too:

  • It has to cover up and have room inside it to securely house the electronics.
    (everything inside needs to fit, but not rattle around too much)
  • It has to have room inside for wire paths.
    (everything inside needs to connect to each other)
  • It has to leave room for the phone to fit inside the ring.
    (for the front camera to be able to shoot from inside)

As before, the Back Cover will be an internal component, and live inside the design.

  1. In the Browser tree, right-click on the top-level ‘SRL mk1′ component, and select ‘Create Component’.
    This creates a new component inside the SRL mk1 parent called Component2.
    (You can create a component inside any other component)
  2. Click twice on the ‘Component2’ component, and rename it to ‘Back Cover‘.

Note that as before, the new component is activated, and the rest of the design becomes transparent.

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