Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #5: Back Cover

Step 5: Finalise Component Layout

In this step, we go back again to the Layout sketch and finish it.
Every component outline will be constrained exactly where it should be.
If you make your design very different, you may wish to edit the Layout sketch and change this later.

  1. Right-click on the Layout sketch and select ‘Edit Sketch’.
  2. The Battery Holder (large rectangle) and the Digispark (medium rectangle) outlines need to be centred.
    We’ll constrain their centres to a centre line.

    1. Draw a vertical line (press L, click, click) from the origin up past the top of the sketch.
      (If the line is not perfectly straight – is it coloured black? – select it and click on ‘Horizontal/Vertical’  in Sketch Palette > Constraints)
    2. Convert the line into a construction line.
      (Select the line and click on Construction  in the Sketch Palette)
    3. Click on the centre of the Battery Holder outline,
      Shift+Click on the centre line you just drew,
      Apply the Coincident  constraint.
      (The outline will jump to the centre)
    4. Repeat as before for the Digispark outline.

    Are the Battery Holder and Digispark outlines locked in place yet? Not quite;

    The vertical parts of the outlines are black, but the other lines are orange. (or blue)
    This means they are locked side-to-side, but they can still move vertically.


  3. Now we’ll lock the outlines in place vertically.
    (If the bottom of the Battery Holder outline is below the horizontal line, drag it above first!)
    (If the top corners of the Digispark outline is outside the outer circle, drag it inside first!)

    1. Select the Dimension tool, (Press d)
    2. Click on the horizontal line, click on the bottom line of the Battery outline,
    3. Click to place the dimension, and type the distance; 1.7 mm(Enough to clear the Back Cover thickness)
    4. Select the Dimension tool again,
    5. Click on an upper corner of the Digispark outline,
    6. Right-click on the outer circle edge and select ‘Pick Circle/Arc Tangent’. (because we want distance to the edge, not to the centre)
    7. Hover over the circle so that the ‘x’ appears, then click on the circle,
    8. Click to place the dimension, and type the distance; 1.7 mm again.

    (These steps are a bit tricky. If you get stuck press Esc or Undo and try again)

  4. The only shape left now (still not black) should be the Switch outline.
    Let’s position it close to the Battery Holder.

    1. Move the Switch outline to the right of the Battery Holder outline,
    2. Dimension the gap between the Battery Holder and Switch to be 0.5 mm.
      (Press d, click on the right side of the Battery Holder and left side of the switch, click away, type the distance in)
    3. Align the switch horizontally with the origin.
      (Click on the Switch centre point, Shift+Click on the origin, click on Horizontal/Vertical  to line it up)

    Now the sketch is fully constrained.

  5. There is a little bit of extra space between the Battery Holder and the Digispark.
    We can move them slightly closer together;
    Change the horizontal line’s distance from the origin from 12 mm to 11 mm.
    (Double-click on the “12.00”, type in “11 mm”)


The layout is still missing one really important thing though… screw holes!

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