Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #5: Back Cover

Step 8: Switch Cutouts

The push switch and slide switch (on the battery holder) are both pressed up against the back cover, this step is to cut appropriate access holes.

  1. We are working on the Back Cover now, so as you may guess;
    Ensure the Back Cover component is activated.
    (Click on the circle next to the component’s name in the Browser)
  2. It’s very hard to see what we’re doing!
    Hide the Front Cover, Battery Holder, Digispark and Tact Switch components by clicking on their  icons.
  3. Create a new sketch on the back inside surface of the Back Cover.
    (Check that it appears in the Browser inside the Back Cover component)
  4. Now that we managed to build the sketch on the correct face, show the Battery Holder and Tact Switch components again.
    (We need them, sorry)
  5. Open the Project tool (press p) and select the slider switch and the… oh.
    They’re on the other side of those components, how do we select them?

    MINITOPTIP: To select something behind other geometry;
    Hover the mouse over what you want to select, and long-press the left mouse button until a menu appears.
    The long-press menu shows all the geometry beneath the mouse, and lets you hover over the items and choose one, or press Esc to try again.

  6. Select the slider switch face using the long-press technique above. (see video)
  7. Move the view over to the push switch.
  8. Select the push switch’s round outline using the long-press technique again. (see video)
  9. Press OK to exit the Project tool.
  10. The slide switch face has an extra square we don’t want – double-click on it and select delete. (see video)


  11. Now we need to Extrude – Cut those profiles through the Back Cover.
    Using our new-found long-press technique to select something behind other geometry,

    1. Long-press and select the slider rectangle profile,
    2. Shift + Long-press and select the push-switch circle profile too,
    3. Open the Extrude tool. (press e)
    4. Drag the Distance arrow out through the Back Cover.
    5. Adjust the Taper Angle to 10 degrees.
      (The cut should angle outwards a little bit to make sure that the pieces fit)
    6. Ensure the Operation is set to Cut.
    7. Click OK.
  12. Rename the sketch to Cutouts.
    (Sensible names make it easier to find things)

Now the layout is complete, the components are in place, and the access holes are cut,
There should not be any interference between components. Right?

  1. Right-click on the top component and select ‘Show All Components’.
    Open the Interference tool in the Inspect Toolbar as before, and check the top component.

Were there any interferences detected? Hopefully not.
If so, what went wrong? What can you fix?


    • I'm getting lots of interferences!
      There is what appears to be a bug in Fusion:
      Sometimes parts of the Digispark are shown in the wrong place – as interfering with the battery box.
    • They aren’t – this can just be ignored.