Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #5: Back Cover

Step 9: Bulkheads

The inside of the Back Cover is completely hollow right now.
We need to stop the components rattling around, and the screws need to hold on to something.
In this step we’ll build some internal structure in the Back Cover.

      1. Hide the Front Cover, and LED Ring with .
        (And make sure to show the Back Cover, Battery Holder, Digispark and Switch)
      2. Activate the Back Cover component.
        (Click on the circle next to the component’s name in the Browser)
      3. Create a New Sketch on the thin face around the front of the Back Cover.
      4. Name the sketch ‘Bulkheads’
      5. Use the Project tool to copy the screw locations into this sketch.
        (Show the Layout sketch with . Press p to open the Project tool. Click on the centre points of each hole. Press OK. Hide the Layout sketch.)
      6. Time to draw some bulkheads!
        The goal is to avoid the components, surround the screw holes, and leave a space for cables to run.
        Use the Line tool (press L) to draw these lines:

        (Be careful not to get the lines stuck on any geometry – remember undo or how to delete constraints)
        (The colour of the Back Cover was changed here to make the lines easier to see)
      7. Now the rough bulkhead shapes are drawn, but all the lines are blue; undimensioned and unconstrained.
        Let’s fix that, and tidy up the sketch;

        1. Select and right-click on each line that should be vertical or horizontal, (and isn’t)
          and select the Horizontal / Vertical constraint.
        2. Dimension the diagonal angle in the top bulkheads to 45 deg.
          (Press d, click on both lines, click to place, type 45, enter)
        3. Dimension the edges of bulkheads 0.5 mm away from any components.
          (Press d, click on the line, hover on part of the component until it highlights, click, type 0.5 mm, enter)
        4. Dimension the rest of the shapes. I suggest;
          Top bulkheads 10 mm high, 18 mm wide.
          Wire clearance 1 mm vertically, 6 mm horizontally.
      8. When completely dimensioned/constrained, the sketch might look like this;

        (It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, just avoid the components, cover the screw holes and leave room for wires)
        When you are satisfied, exit the sketch.
      9. Now we extrude those bulkhead shapes with some magic.
        1. Open the Extrude tool.
        2. Select each of the bulkhead profiles you just drew.
        3. Set Extent to ‘To Object’.
        4. In the Browser, click on the Body1 object inside Back Cover > Bodies.
          (The feature will automatically extrude to the body, and not stick through the other side!)
        5. Click ‘OK‘ to create the bulkheads.
      10. If this step was done right, there still won’t be any interferences.
        Run the Interference tool again on the model to be sure.

Great work, the Selfie Ring Light design is almost complete.

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