Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #6: Tying It All Together

This is Tutorial #6 in the Selfie Ring Light Tutorial series.
If you have not yet completed the previous SRL tutorials, you can find them listed here.
(Seriously finish them first. You’ll be so

In the previous tutorial, you built the back cover of the Selfie Ring Light, and finalised the layout and component placement.

In this tutorial, we finish all the remaining features of the design.

  • Fix the front and back covers in place,
  • Build a clip feature,
  • Drill holes between the covers,
  • Insert and fix screws in place.


As before; Open Fusion 360, find your Selfie Ring Light ‘SRL mk1‘ design, and open it.

Step 1: Rigid Group

The four electronic components are all jointed securely in place.
What about the Front Cover and Back Cover?

Uh oh, that shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

These components don’t need to move at all – they should just stay rigidly in the place where they were built.
Putting the Cover components and the parent into a Rigid Group will lock them all in place.

  1. Open the Rigid Group tool inside the Assemble Toolbar.
  2. Untick the ‘Include Child Components’ option.
  3. In the Browser, select the Front Cover, the Back Cover, and the top ‘SRL mk1′ components.
  4. Click ‘OK‘.
  5. Try to drag a component – it won’t move!


A Rigid Group is like a Joint but simpler;

  • It fixes any number of chosen components rigidly together.
  • Those components are fixed in their current location.
  • There are no Joint Origins to choose or alignment options.
  • Like a Joint, it can be edited after creation to add or remove components.

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