Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #6: Tying It All Together

Step 2: Phone Clip

So far there’s no way to keep the Selfie Ring Light attached to the phone.
Lets build a clip on the Back Cover.

  1. First, activate the Back Cover component.
    (Click on the circle next to the component’s name in the Browser)
  2. Let’s soften that back edge with a Fillet; it’s a little bit sharp.
    1. Open the Fillet tool (press or Modify > Fillet in the Toolbar)
    2. Select one of the lower edges – it will grab the whole section. (because of Chain Selection)
    3. Give it a value of 1 mm and click OK.
  3. Next we’ll build a sketch on the Right plane for the phone clip.
    1. ‘Create Sketch’, select the plane in the middle of the design.
    2. Rename the sketch to ‘Clip‘.
      (Find it in the browser, click twice, type in the new name)
    3. Project the body of the back cover into the sketch.
      1. Open the Project tool by pressing p.
      2. Set the ‘Selection Filter’ to Bodies  mode.
      3. Click on the Back Cover
      4. Click OK
  4. Next, draw and dimension the phone clip outline.
    1. Using the Line tool (press Land the 3 Point Arc tool (in Toolbar Sketch > Arc)
      Draw this approximate shape:
    2. Add some dimensions;
      30 mm tall,
      2.4 mm thick,
      6 mm arc radius,
      9 mm vertical distance between the arc ends

    Confused? Check the video…

  5. Lastly we Extrude the clip profile symmetrically;
    1. Open the Extrude tool (press e) and select the profile we just sketched.
    2. Set Dimension to Symmetric and set Measurement to Whole Length 
    3. Drag out or type an extrusion Distance of 30 mm.
    4. Check that Operation is set to Join, and click OK.

Phone clip!
“But what if my phone is a different size?” you cry?

You can adjust the design to better suit your phone.
We also use a manufacturing trick to bend the clip to size after it’s been printed.

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