Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #6: Tying It All Together

Step 3: Drilling Holes

We won’t even need an electric drill – the screw holes will be ‘pre made’ in the model.
We could make simple holes using the Extrude tool, but the Hole tool works better.
It needs a sketch with hole positions on the face of where the holes go.

  1. Activate the Front Cover component.
    (Click on the circle next to the component’s name in the Browser)
  2. Create a sketch on the front surface of the Front Cover, and name it ‘Holes‘.
    (Click on ‘Create Sketch’, find and click on the front surface. Expand the Browser and click twice on the sketch to rename)
  3. We’ll project the holes from the Layout sketch into this Holes sketch.
    1. Open the Project tool by pressing p.
    2. Set the Selection Filter back to the first Specified Entities  mode.
    3. Show the Layout sketch. (Find it in the Browser and click )
    4. Select each of the four hole centre points to project them.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Exit the sketch.


  4. Now we can use this sketch to create the Hole feature.
    1. Open the Hole tool from the Toolbar’s Create menu.
    2. Click on each of the four points in the Holes sketch.
    3. Set Hole Type to ‘Countersink’.
    4. Set Depth to 15 mm.
    5. Set Diameter to 2.9 mm.
    6. Set Countersink Diameter to 6.5 mm.
    7. Check that it looks good,
      (did you accidentally select a wrong point?)
      then click OK.

    The holes actually go through both the Front Cover and Back Cover.

Looking good!

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