Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #6: Tying It All Together

Step 5: Review

Now we’ll… wait, we’re finished? Wow.
Let’s just tidy up the design and see if it all works.

  1. Activate the top-level ‘SRL mk1‘ component. (Click on the circle next to it)
  2. Right-click on the ‘SRL mk1’ component and choose ‘Show All Components.
  3. Hide (with ) the Origin and the Joints if visible.
  4. Do you see any sketches?
    Find them in the Browser and hide them.
  5. Did you give your sketches and components sensible names?
    Look through the Browser and give names to anything still called ‘Sketch1‘ or ‘Component1‘.
  6. Save your design!

There are some checks to do before sending files for 3D Printing, but the most important checks are;

  1. Visual – Does it look right?
    Look from different angles, try hiding other components.
    You can create another Section Analysis to look at cross sections.
  2. Interference – Do the parts all fit together?
    Run another Interference check.
    The screws will slightly “bite” into the Back Cover, but everything else should fit.


A serious WELL DONE for getting this far, this was quite a complex and tightly-packed design.
Your next design will probably feel quite roomy!

If you are ready to 3D print the parts, head back to the Selfie Ring Light page for instructions there.

If you would like to customise the design a bit first, we suggest;
Make a copy of SRL mk1 (perhaps call it ‘SRL mk2‘?) and do that further exploration inside the new design.


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