Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #8: Assembly

This is Tutorial #8 in the Selfie Ring Light Tutorial series.
If you have not yet completed Tutorial #7, you can find it here.

In this final tutorial, we finish assembly of the Selfie Ring Light, and check that it fits on your phone.
It’s not the end of the journey though – what else can you do once it’s all completed?

Step 1: Button Fit

We need to make sure the button will fit into the Selfie Ring Light, and function correctly.

  1. Install the switch (with wires attached) into the Back Cover.
    Does the button part fit through the hole?
  2. When installed and held in place with your hand, can you freely ‘click’ the button?
  3. If not, enlarge the hole with a 4.5 mm drill bit.

    The drill should spin quite slowly – do not run at full speed or you may melt or make the hole too big.
  4. Test again – does it click now?

Great, now it can be permanently glued in place…

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