Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #8: Assembly

Step 2: Glue Tact Switch

We’ll use hot glue to fix the tact switch into the Selfie Ring Light.
It needs to be strong enough to resist lots of presses.
Hot glue is perfect here – it sets quickly, and can be removed easily if needed.

  1. Install the switch as in the previous step.
  2. Hold the switch in place from the other side with your fingers:
  3. Apply a moderate amount of glue between the back of the switch and the walls behind it.

    Do not put any glue near the front of the switch – it might block it.
    Do not put any glue on the battery box side – it might stop the battery box fitting.
  4. Hot glue takes a while to cool down and set.
    Do not let go or touch the glue just yet – count to 60 in your head.
  5. …59…60!
    Now let go of the switch and check that the glue is fully cool and set.
    Try a few presses – does it still click properly?

Great, now for the rest of the components…

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