Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #8: Assembly

Step 3: Install Remaining Components

The Digispark, Battery Box and LED Ring do not need any glue, they just sit inside the Selfie Ring Light.

  1. Place the Digispark in the top of the Back Cover.
  2. Place the battery box in the Back Cover so that the slide switch lines up with the slot in the bottom.

    (If you followed the reference design exactly the battery box wires will be on the left)
  3. Push the wires into the channels above the screw holes.
    (Do not try to fit them between the battery box and the screw post bulkheads)

Easy! Hopefully.
(If your wires are too short to reach or too long to fit in the channels, you’ll need to splice them)

Now we’ll install the LED Ring:

  1. Place the LED Ring into the Front Cover, so that the wires are at theĀ top of the Cover.
  2. Twist the Front Cover and the LED Ring’s wires around, so that the two covers are aligned.
  3. Tuck the wires in, and check that you can press the halves fully together.

How does it look?
Are there any bumps or flaws in the 3D printed parts that stop it from cleanly closing?
If so, now is a good time to clean them up with side cutters, a scalpel, or sandpaper.

Now to stop it falling apart…

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