Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #8: Assembly

Step 4: Closing Up

Now it’s time to install those four screws.

  1. Press the two halves together, tucking any wires out of the way.
  2. Line the Front and Back holes up, and screw in each screw a little bit!

    (Do not fully tighten the screws yet!)
  3. There is a special variant of Murphy’s Law affecting electronics:

    If you tighten all the screws, cable ties, etc and close everything up without testing that it still works?
    It’ll be broken. So you’ll need to undo everything you did just to get it open again and troubleshoot.

    So, before you fully tighten the screws just switch the lights on and check everything works.

    Lights! Hooray.

  4. Now the screws can be done up the rest of the way.
    Make sure that no wires are trapped in the gap between the covers – if so try poking them back in with the screwdriver.

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