Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #8: Assembly

Step 5: Phone Clip

There’s one problem; the space for the phone is too wide!
That is okay – there is a simple fix.

Heating up the area around the clip makes it soft enough to bend.
When it cools down, it goes back to a hard plastic.
This is because the material is a type of thermoplastic.

  1. Let one of the Techs know that you are up to this step, and they’ll show you how to use the Hot Air Gun.

    Warning:  If the plastic gets too hot it will melt, bubble, and generally be ruined.
    Your goal is to heat it up just enough that it bends easily.  

  2. Place the Selfie Ring Light face-down on the bench.
  3. Blow hot air over the clip from about 3-4 cm away, moving from one side of where it joins the Back Cover to the other.
    Every 5 seconds, take away the hot air and see if you can bend the clip down with your fingers.
  4. Once it starts bending easily, put away the hot air gun.
  5. Push the clip down until there’s a gap about half as thick as your phone.
  6. The plastic is still hot and soft, so hold it in place for 30 seconds.
  7. …29…30!
    Let go of the clip – if it stays in place it’s done!
    If it springs back up and it’s still soft it’s still cooling, hold it again and count slower.
    If it springs back up and it’s cold it wasn’t quite hot enough when you bent it. Try heating it again.
  8. Try fitting it to your phone – does it hold on like you want?

    If it’s not holding strongly enough, you can heat it again and bend it a bit closer.

Looking good!

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