Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #7: Electronics

Step 3: Digispark Power

In this step we’ll connect the battery wires to the Digispark’s power pads.

A pad is an exposed metal part of a circuit board, designed for attaching something by soldering – Like a component, or a wire.
It often has a hole in the centre.

The red positive wire end closest to the battery goes into the 5V pad.
The black negative wire end closest to the battery goes into the GND pad.
(You did make sure that they’ll fit, didn’t you?)

  1. Feed those wire ends through from the top of the board.

    (If you have trouble fitting the wires in, go back and review the previous step!)
  2. Bend the ends over – toward the edge of the board.

    (If the wires are stiff use the pliers)
  3. Double-check the wires –
    Are you sure they go red ⇒ 5V and black ⇒ GND?
  4. Turn the Digispark upside down and clamp it in the jaws.
  5. Solder the wires onto the board – be sure not to use too much solder!
  6. Inspect – are the wires soldered solidly in place?
    Do you see a clear gap between them?
  7. Use the side-cutters to clip off the pieces of wire sticking out of the solder and make it neat.

What’s next in the chain of wires…

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