Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #7: Electronics

Step 6: Digispark I/O Connections

The Selfie Ring Light program loaded in the Digispark uses the P0 and P2 pads to listen to the button and control the LEDs.

The long white wire goes from the Switch to P0.
The short white wire goes from the LED ring to P2.

  1. Feed those wire ends through from the top of the board.
    (If a small lump of solder on the wire prevents insertion, snip it off)
    (If the whole wire is too thick, there’s too much solder; go back to Step 2 and review)
  2. Bend the ends over – toward the edge of the board.
    (If hard to bend by hand, use the pliers)
  3. Double-check the wires –
    Are you sure that P0 goes to the Switch, and P2 goes to the LED Ring?
  4. Turn the Digispark upside down and clamp it in the jaws.
  5. Solder the wires onto the board – be sure not to use too much solder!
  6. Inspect – are the wires soldered solidly in place?
    Does either one bridge across to the next pad?
  7. Use the side-cutters to clip off the pieces of wire sticking out of the solder and make it neat.

Congrats, now the electrical components are wired together!
We need to run some tests before switching it on, or bad things could happen…

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