Selfie Ring Light Customisation: Ears

Once you finish the standard design of the Selfie Ring Light, there’s a chance to customise it and make it your own.
These Customisation tutorials introduce some simple ideas for customisation, to inspire your own creativity!

In this tutorial, I created a feature on the ‘Back Cover’ component of my Selfie Ring Light.
I chose to give the SRL a set of spiky ears. You could follow the same steps, or make something completely different.

Remember… Make it your own!

Step 1: Preparation

Firstly, I made a copy of my finished design to work from.
This is not required, however wanted to keep my finished design as it is, incase I was unhappy with the changes I made.

  1. Open Fusion 360.
  2. Show the Data Panel (by clicking on )
  3. Navigate to the Selfie Ring Light folder.
  4. Right-click on the completed SRL design, and select ‘Copy‘.
  5. In the Copy To dialog, click on the Copy button.
  6. Right-click on the new design that just appeared, and select ‘Rename‘.
  7. Rename the file to ‘SRL mod’ (or some other name if you prefer)
  8. Double-click on the file to open.
  9. Hide the Data Panel.

And now to begin…

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