Selfie Ring Light Customisation: Changing the Case Colour

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to change the colour of the ‘Back Cover.’ This can be done for any component in a design.

The Appearance Tool

  1. Use the Appearance tool (press A).  This will open an Appearance toolbox.
  2. Select your desired appearance. I navigated to the Plastic -> Opaque menu as this resembles our plastic printer filament.
  3. Ensure the ‘Bodies/Components’ application setting is selected.
  4. Click and drag your selected appearance across to the target component.
  5. You can view the appearances that have been used in the ‘In This Design’ section of the toolbox. These appearances can be dragged back into the design as you please.

Congratulations, you’ve changed your design’s appearance!
Remember to save your design.

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