Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #8: Assembly

This is Tutorial #8 in the Selfie Ring Light Tutorial series.
If you have not yet completed Tutorial #7, you can find it here.

In this final tutorial, we finish assembly of the Selfie Ring Light, and check that it fits on your phone.
It’s not the end of the journey though – what else can you do once it’s all completed?

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3D Printing: Model vs Real World

When you design something inside the computer, you have complete freedom over the size.

  • There’s nothing to stop you from designing something tiny or HUGE.
  • There’s nothing to stop you from setting dimensions to impractically precise values like 10.0003 mm.

Can you make absolutely any design real? With hand tools, 3D printers or other manufacturing techniques?

No. (Sorry)

Have an Impractically Tiny Violin.

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Introduction to 3D Printing

What is it?

3D Printing – a process to produce a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model. This is an additive process, usually building up from many thin layers of a material.

Finch has two Taz 4 printers, and will soon be receiving two Prusa i3 Mk3 printers. Both are reliable workhorse printers – they’ll be printing hundreds of student models over the school year.

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