Project: Selfie Ring Light

Creatable Term 1 Project: To design your own Selfie Ring Light and manufacture it using rapid-prototyping methods.

Fusion 360 Tutorials

Design tips and tutorials specifically about the Selfie Ring Light will be posted in this space in the weeks to come.
The Fusion 360 tutorials will be helpful to build up your Fusion 360 skills.

Assembly Tutorials

Physically build the Selfie Ring Light. No ‘Undo’ button here…

Customising Your Design

Tweak and customise the Selfie Ring Light!
Even if you haven’t completed all the tutorials, you can get a copy of the finished tutorial design here.
(Upload into Fusion the same way you uploaded components in Tutorial #1)

Selfie Ring Light Printing Service

If you are ready to print your design, hooray!

  1. Make sure the design’s Document Settings are set to mm.
  2. Check that there are no Interferences between parts.
  3. Find each body in the Browser that needs to be printed,
    Right-click on it and select ‘Save as STL‘. Give them sensible names.

    (Make sure they are exported separately, not as one giant unprintable STL file)
  4. Submit them through this Google Form.
    (You just need to be signed in to any google account)