Selfie Ring Light Tutorial #4: Front Cover

This is Tutorial #4 in the Selfie Ring Light Tutorial series.
If you have not yet completed the previous SRL tutorials, you can find them listed here.

In the previous tutorial, you added all the Electronic Components into your design, and jointed them into place on the Layout Sketch.

In this tutorial, we

  • Make some adjustments to the Layout Sketch, and
  • Build a Front Cover component inside the design.
  • Show some useful new techniques for inspecting and checking what we have built.

Feeling happy yet?

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Fusion 360 Tutorial – Reverse Engineering IKEA Mirror – Part 3

This is Part 3 of the IKEA Mirror tutorial.

Each of the pieces in this design will be a component.
This follows Fusion 360’s RULE #1: “When in doubt, before doing anything, create a component and make sure it’s activated.”

Components are the best way to organise, connect, isolate and view the different parts of your design.

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