Learn Fusion 360: Model a Smartphone

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to make a detailed “fit” model of a smartphone. As everyone’s phone is different, we instead invented a phone, and made up all the dimensions.

Presenting… the Earphone HEX.

You can follow our sketch and dimensions.
Even better, use your own phone – draw a sketch and dimension it, and make that instead.

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Fusion 360 Tutorial – Reverse Engineering IKEA Mirror – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the IKEA Mirror tutorial.

In this part we’ll add the mirror’s handle into the same sketch.

Q: Wait, why are we still sketching? When do we create something solid?
A: It is often better to use one sketch for several features.
It keeps the timeline short and easy to understand.

Big Tip:
The line tool has a secret – you can draw straight lines AND curves with it!

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Fusion 360 Tutorial – Reverse Engineering IKEA Mirror – Part 1

This beginner Fusion 360 tutorial  takes you step by step through drawing, posing, and rendering a real object – an IKEA IKORNNES mirror.
(To work “backwards” from a finished product is called “Reverse Engineering”)


I could really see myself owning one of these…


You will often need to “copy” a physical object back into the digital world:

New designs always need to coexist with other components; hardware, fasteners, electronics, even mobile phones.
(Even if only a box, it helps to have a digital model of what goes inside)
Having those components in your design helps ensure that everything fits and works together.

By following this tutorial, you will;

  • Improve your experience and confidence with Fusion 360.
  • Learn how to make a design with multiple components and joints.
  • Learn some tricks to make using Fusion 360 easier.
  • Be inspired to use some of these techniques in your own designs.BIG BIG TIP: If anything goes wrong, Undo will get you out of trouble!
    (‘Ctrl+Z’ or ‘Command+Z’)

Getting Started

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